The future is made by many

Today, we lead a

Not on battlefields but in boardrooms.

We’re overhauling centuries of business practice.

At BEE, our aim is to enhance business.

By using innovative solutions we connect organisations to each other and to their local area.

Ideas, resources, methods can be shared.

Employees feel part of something bigger.

And those businesses gain competitive advantage.

We believe in the power of the collective.

We believe the future is made by many.

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Enhancing life
for businesses

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are one way in which we put our Bee ethos into action.

We enhance life for the local business community within two BIDS – Bee Midtown and Bee Farringdon & Clerkenwell.

We look at infrastructure, pollution, traffic and ways of improving the physical space. We also focus on creating a sense of belonging and engagement for employees of members businesses. We achieve this through networking events, idea exchanges, volunteer schemes and other initiatives. We even make honey in beehives and grow veg in our rooftop gardens for local restaurants.

We work with other ‘community shapers’ (TfL, The Met, the council and the Mayor’s office) to create areas people want to work, shop, live, talk about.

Creative, bold,

Tass Mavrogordato is the CEO of Bee.

Tass leads a small but dynamic Bee team and works with an equally small but dynamic Board of Directors, including Chairman Elliot Moss.

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